Collapsible Silicone Coffee Mug

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  • Compact, minimal design, these reusable coffee cups with lids stand out from the crowd for one key feature: they’re collapsible in a bag when not in use. When fully extended, the cups are sturdy and hold 350ml of coffee, the reusable, collapsible cup, allows you to enjoy hot or cold beverages anywhere, at any time.
  • This collapsible silicone coffee cup is non-toxic, BPA free and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -50℃/-58F to 200℃/392F. It can be used in microwave and fridge.
  • The white ring around the collapsible coffee mug makes it much easier to hold and drink from and and also stabilises the cup and keep it in shape. Please fit the sleeve before you fill with hot liquid.
  • The collapsible feature makes it easy to transport to and from your required destination.
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